Commercial Artworks and Interiors

Love+Money is a commercial art, design and production business. We create beautiful and whimsical follies that span art, technology and commerciality. 

Driven by the creative work of founder George Watson, our combined experience is a vast spectrum covering the smallest miniatures to public realm installations. The team assembles to meet the demands of each individual project, allowing us to be efficient and cost effective in everything we do, besides being capable of creating almost anything. Beyond our core players, we draw on a network of craftspeople and industry experts to enhance the technical details and further expand possibilities.  

Love+Money is a motto that sees desire and satisfaction as essential ingredients to a successful work practice, and holds that practice as key to a fulfilled mind. We do this because we love it: watching ideas grow into physical objects is the best way we know to be happy.  

Love and Money - both, not either.